Probate Explained

Introduction to Probate

Registering the Death

Wills within probate

Assets and Liabilities

Applying for a grant

Excepted and Exempt estates


The Rules
of Intestacy

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Probate Checklist

  • Find the deceased's Will. Or establish if they died "intestate" without a Will.
  • Establish who the executors are
  • Register the death and get registered death certificates
  • Hold the funeral
  • Obtain relevant probate forms
  • Make sure all assets are insured
  • Get organised - Value all assets properly and keep records of every financial transaction
  • Inform companies (who have assets for the deceased) that the plan holder has passed - be sure to send in death certificate
  • Assess all assets and liabilites. Double check estate is liable for IHT
  • If IHT is payable, make sure the funds are raised and paid.
  • Apply for a grant of probate
  • Send forms back to the probate registry with the correct probate fee
  • Receive the grant of probate through the post along with any additional copies you ordered.
  • Send copies to all the companies the deceased had assets with
  • Advertise for beneficiaries if the deceased died intestate
  • If any further assets are located, report them to HMRC
  • Pay out all liabilities
  • Contact HMRC for any further tax queries.
  • Apply for a IHT30 with HMRC and complete it
  • Written confirmation by all beneficiaries once legacies have been paid out
  • Complete estate accounts, should be signed by beneficiaries
  • Once everything is cleared, close down executor accounts
  • The estate is now complete and the paperwork will be logged for 12 months.

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